Jax Surfers Head To Special Olympics

Team Says They're Ready To Win

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A group of kids from Jacksonville are getting the chance of a lifetime. They'll be competing in the second ever surf competition during the Special Olympics.

The Jacksonville team won the gold medal last year, and this year they'll be defending their title at the Special Olympics in Cocoa Beach.

"It is serious, and there will be a lot of people out there Saturday," surfer Clarissa Burgoyns said.

Burgoyns was born disabled, but she said her disabilities won't limit her dreams. Tuesday night, the team practiced for the final time before the competition.

"It's a very good stress reliever and it gets a kid like me active instead of being in the house all the time," Burgoyns said.

Burgoyns is just one of 16 athletes participating. The sport is quickly gaining popularity among athletes of all ages.

"It's an awesome event," said Florida Surfing Association's Paul West. "They can do this on their own and progress. It doesn't matter which level. It is all about having a good time."

Brittany Burgoyne will compete, too, and she said she plans to wow the judges.

"I'm learning some new moves on my surfboard: air guitar, the drums and princess wave by my side," she said.

The surfers are judged in four categories; first is surfing on their stomach, second is surfing on knees, the third is from the knees to standing up, and the fourth is standing up all together. The competition is expected to be fierce, but the Jacksonville team is ready.