Nonprofit Animal Shelter Faces Deadline

Jacksonville 'No-Kill' Shelter Struggling To Remain Open

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's crunch time for one local nonprofit organization that saves the lives of thousands of animals in northeast Florida.

If First Coast No More Homeless Pets doesn't meet its fundraising goal by its rapidly approaching deadline, hundreds of pets will never get a new home or a second chance.

If it weren't for First Coast No More Homeless Pets, many dogs and cats could be out of luck looking for a new home.

The organization helps save thousands of lives and is working extremely hard to save more, except it may not be able to.

If the organization doesn't raise $19,000 by Thursday, it will have to re-evaluate its plans to save the Mandarin animal shelter, a move that would leave nearly 1,000 animals without hope for adoption.

So far, First Coast No More Homeless Pets has raised $31,000. They need to hit $50,000 to meet their goal.

Once there, a board member will match it, getting the organization half of the way there.

It will take a total of $200,000 to keep it running. Right now, they're just concentrating on keeping the dream alive enough to make that deadline tomorrow happen. Then, the reality of helping hundreds of animals will be safe.

For more information on how to donate, visit their website at fcnmhp.org.