Arsenic Found In Apple Juice

Dr. Oz Investigators Find Significant Levels Of Arsenic In Certain Apple Juices

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dr. Oz is making some strong claims against one of America's most common drinks: apple juice.

"Let me be clear I'm not saying arsenic is causing cancer in our kids. What I am saying is that arsenic in our apple juice is unacceptable," said Dr. Oz during his Wednesday television broadcast.

Dr. Oz said that with some testing at independent laboratories his researchers found arsenic in apple juice. Parents that Channel 4 spoke to about the news were stunned.

"Really? So my 4-year-old son has apple juice every day and there's arsenic in his body? Well that's not cool," said one parent.

Dr. Oz pointed out that a lot of apple juice is produced in foreign countries where he said the apples have more arsenic. Oz's claims are coming under fire from the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA said Oz's testing for arsenic was erroneous.

Dietician at the University of South Florida, Dr. Lauri Wright compared the arsenic issue to apple seeds.

"It's just so minute and there's no evidence of arsenic in apple juice or seeds. Even if there was enough in processing it wouldn't be enough to cause harm," said Wright.

Wright said there's actually cyanide in apple seeds naturally, she explained that someone would have to eat an entire bushel of apple seeds in order to get sick, and she said that's similar to the arsenic found in apples.

"When people put information out there like that they should give you the whole story," said Wright.