St. Johns County Controlling Mosquitoes

Mosquito Control Officers Protecting Residents From West Nile Virus

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – There have not been any cases of West Nile virus reported in St. Johns County this year. Jessica Phillips, with St. Johns County Mosquito Patrol, said that doesn't mean residents aren't in danger of contracting West Nile.

"We're thankful, but we do a lot," said Phillips. "It's a constant battle against any disease that comes into our area."

Experts say Duval County's population is four times that of St. Johns County, which means there is a greater chance of being exposed to the virus in Jacksonville.

State experts cannot pinpoint exactly why Duval County leads America in West Nile virus cases. Many West Nile experts expect the virus to shift to another geographic location next year.

The experts Channel 4 spoke with Wednesday night said the virus is mostly in west Jacksonville because there is more fresh water on the Westside. Mosquitoes breed in fresh water as compared to the the eastern side of Jacksonville, where there's the Intracoastal and saltwater marshes.

St. Johns County mosquito control officers are keeping a close eye on their mosquitoes species. They have increased spraying and mosquito testing.

"A lot of people are concerned there are more mosquitoes this year than others," said Phillips.