Woman Tells Police: 'I Killed Husband'

After Woman Is Pulled Over In Georgia, Police Find Body In Jacksonville Home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police said they found the body of a man in a Murray Hill home early Wednesday morning after a woman pulled over in south Georgia admitted to killing her husband.

According to investigators, Homerville (Ga.) police pulled the woman, identified as Darcie Riggle, over for driving erratically.

"She wanted to tell something that she'd done bad," Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Sgt. Mike Perry said. "So the officer asked her what (did) she mean, and she admitted that she had killed her husband back in Jacksonville."

Just after midnight, officers responded to the home in the 1200 block of Peacefield Drive, where they found Riggle's husband's body.

Channel 4 was told a gun was found in the home.

Neighbors said they were a childless couple in their 40s and both had jobs.

"They've been there a good while," neighbor Mary Beasley said. "(They've) always seemed to be real nice, to me."

Neighbors did say that police had been out to the home recently for a domestic dispute.

Cassie Case, who lives next door to the couple, said she had some bizarre incidents with the woman, but didn't think anything like this could happen. She said she did not hear anything during the night.

"Our daughter's bedroom is right there on the end of the house," Case said. "That really scared me when I thought about that."

Riggle was returned to Jacksonville on Thursday evening and is charged with murder.