Car Burglaries Prompt Safety Concern

Police: 8 Cars Burglarized In Westland Station Subdivision

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A rash of car break-ins in a Jacksonville neighborhood has residents worried and taking new precautions.

Surveillance video from outside a home in the Westland Station subdivision shows a man trying to break into a car. Since Sept. 24, when that video was recorded, eight cars were broken into in the area.

"This is a crime of opportunity," said Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson. "If you leave things out in plain sight for these criminals, they will break into your car and steal your items."

"I leave my iPhone on the seat. I will leave some change out," said Westland Station resident Gina Keitt.

Keitt said she's lived in the area for three years and that this is the second round of car break-ins she has seen in that time.

"It's nerve-racking because I thought it was over with and now it's back again," she said.

In the surveillance video, the would-be burglar checks the door handles while peeking into the car with his flashlight. Once the man realizes that all the doors are locked and that nothing is visible on the seats, he moves on.

"It's not worth their time to stay there and try to figure out if there is something in there if they can't see it," Jefferson said.

Neighbors in the Westland Station are being warned to make sure their car doors are locked and that if there is anything of value left in their vehicles, to take it out or put it in a place where burglars won't see it.

"You want to leave it clear and clean, even if you store it in the trunk. Out of sight is out of mind," Jefferson said.