6-Year-Old Leaves School Unattended

Dad Wants To Thank Unknown Woman Who Helped Daughter Get Home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville father is counting his family's blessings after his daughter is found safe after leaving school without anyone knowing Thursday.

Jason Sissung is thankful his 6-year-old daughter, Kylie, made it home safely from school Thursday. Kylie attends Enterprise Learning Academy and was able to leave school Thursday morning without anyone noticing. Kylie ended up safe when an unknown woman picked her up and dropped her off at home.

"She was very upset. I was upset, very emotional, both of us," said Sissung. "It was a flip of a coin whether my daughter came home alive or not."

Sissung said Kylie was walking down Old Middleburg Road when she was picked up. The road doesn't have any sidewalks and lots of traffic, a dangerous road for a 6-year-old to be wandering on.

Duval County Public Schools acknowledged the severity of the incident Thursday afternoon.

"We take the safety of our students very seriously and have taken additional steps to reinforce to our students the procedures currently in place at Enterprise Learning Academy," said Jill Johnson, director of communications for Duval County Public Schools. ?Students are currently required to walk between classes with another student, and we will continue to ensure that these procedures are being followed."

Sissung believes that the staff at Enterprise Learning Academy will never let something like this happen again, but he is still shaken by the incident with his daughter.

"Apparently, the guy who was trying to help her, he could have been a bad guy, trying to look like he was helping her and take her home," said Sissung. "The lady who did help my daughter I wish she'd come forward because I want to say thanks. She saved our family."

Sissung said he also had a serious talk with his daughter and explained to her the dangerous situation she put herself in by leaving school.