Workout To Honor Fallen Navy SEALs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When the public hears about the battles being fought in Iraq or Afghanistan, not everyone feels a connection to the soldiers fighting for our freedom. But, even without a connection to the military or the war on terror, the story of a group of Navy SEALs sent to fight for our country will intrigue any civilian.

On June 28, 2005, four Navy Seals went on Operation Red Wings to gather intelligence on the Taliban forces in Afghanistan.

Michael Murphy won the medal of honor for sacrificing his own life to call in back up, but the back up were taken down by Taliban forces.

Nineteen men died that June day, leaving friends and loved ones behind.

Char Westfall said goodbye to her husband, Jaques Fontan, not knowing it would be the last time she spoke with him. "The last conversation we had was, 'Be careful. Stay safe,'" said Char Westfall.

Westfall moved back home to Jacksonville after receiving the tragic news about her husband.

The United Warrior Survivors foundation helped Westfall heal. The Lone Survivor Foundation was started by Marcus Luttrell, the only man who made it out alive that day in June.

A fundraising tribute to the fallen heroes that will benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation, the Boot Campaign and the United Warrior Survivors Foundation will take place Saturday at all CrossFitHardNox.com locations. The SEALs-inspired 19-minute workout will honor the sacrifice of those left behind.

To learn more, visit Tribute For Fallen Heroes of Operation Redwings or CrossFitHardNox.com.