Riverside Woman Attacked By Pit Bulls

Woman Attacked In Front Yard Of Riverside Home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Riverside woman is recovering after she was attacked by three pit bulls Thursday in her front yard.

Texie Lebie was back to selling clothes at her Five Points store Violet on Friday, but just one day ago, she never made it into work.

"It was an awful, frightening experience. I would not wish that upon anyone," Lebie said.

She said she left her house with her small dog when the three pit bulls came running down the street right at them.

"At first, they bit my bottom, then when I went around to the car, they bit my calf," Lebie said.

After the dogs bit Lebie, she tried to get away in her car. She threw her dog inside, then tried to get herself in when a second pit bull bit her calf.

Lebie said she was so startled that she threw down her purse.

"All of my everything was just thrown across the yard, just getting her in and I in," she said. "Even then, one of them was jumping at the window and barking at us. It was just an awful experience."

Lebie was left with some pretty bad bite marks. She also needed a tetanus shot. Thankfully, she was wearing thick jeans that protected her from worse wounds.

A nearby police officer caught the three pit bulls, which are now in quarantine at Animal Care and Protective Services.

Lebie said she thought they looked underweight.

"I just really wish people would take care of their pets and be safe with them, and I don't think we'd have as many situations like this," she said.

No owners have claimed the dogs to be theirs.