Casey Anthony Takes The 5th

Anthony Stays Mostly Silent During Lawsuit Deposition

ORLANDO, Fla. – Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez are already planning their next move, after Casey Anthony, for the most part, stayed silent Saturday.

Now, they will try to force Anthony to explain why she told the world that Gonzalez snatched Anthony's daughter, Caylee, and that Gonzalez was the mysterious "Zanny the nanny."

The real Zenaida Gonzalez is suing Anthony for defamation.

Attorney John Morgan grilled Anthony for almost an hour from his Orlando office, taking her deposition for the first time in the lawsuit.

Morgan claimed Anthony seemed ?angry.? He described her as, ?Deep breathing, nostrils flaring... she did not want to be there, clearly annoyed, but composed, courteous, not rude and not looking at me.?

Morgan deposed Anthony via video-conference. She was in a secret location somewhere in Florida where she is serving her probation.

According to Morgan, she was wearing enormous sunglasses like we've seen her wearing in the past, although Morgan says today she was obviously wearing a disguise, perhaps a wig, with a baseball cap pulled low over her head. Her attorney Jose Baez was not present, only Orlando attorney Chuck Green. Morgan questioned her for 45 minutes.

?We tried to keep it as brief as we could. Because repeatedly her attorney was invoking on her behalf her fifth amendment right under the constitution, which we believe quite frankly is not proper," Morgan said. "Especially as it relates to the murder of her daughter or disappearance of her daughter. She answered a few questions. We ask her questions, she answered the question she was present during her murder trial. That she heard her opening statements by her lawyer Jose Baez."

Morgan said Anthony said nothing that would help his client, Zenaida Gonzalez, and the lawsuit against Casey.

?Basically she is saying she is not answering anything," Morgan said.

Morgan said now he will take the next step to try and get Anthony to cooperate. ?We got enough, we feel, to go ahead and take our motion to the judge to compel her to answer these questions. We didn't want to spend two hours going through bit, by bit, by bit - the trunk, and chloroform and all that, that would have served no purpose," Morgan said. It would have just made a spectacle of the civil justice system. We think we asked enough questions that...we think we can take to this judge and go, 'look, she either has to answer or we have to have defenses stricken.'?

Morgan told WKMG-TV that within the next week he will take the tapes to the judge, who can either allow Anthony to continue invoking the fifth amendment and not answering questions, force her to start talking, or throw her in jail for contempt of court.

WKMG-TV legal analyst Mark O'Mara believes the judge will side with Anthony because she is in the process of appealing her convictions for lying to investigators.

?I think the judge may well say until the appeal is done on the criminal case she does have potential exposure and the fifth amendment right is appropriate,? O'Mara said.

However, O'Mara said even if Anthony never answers any questions, Zenaida Gonzalez's attorneys can bring up that point in civil court and let the jury decide if that means Anthony has something to hide.

Saturday afternoon, Morgan's son, attorney Matt Morgan, wrote on his Twitter page that he wanted to release the tapes. "But the judge must rule on the issue before we release any images or video footage," Morgan said. However, Morgan promised his followers that the tapes are "coming soon!"