9 Cars Burglarized On Southside

Burglar Targeted Cars During Rain Storm

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Amir Babidi's 2011 Nissan has a car alarm. Babidi said he armed his car, made sure the doors were locked, but thieves still found a way inside.

"They had to have a device if her car has an alarm, mine had an alarm, her's had an alarm," said Babidi. "We just cannot figure out how they got into the car."

Babidi and nearly a dozen other car owners in the Silver Springs Apartment Complex were hit over the weekend. Thieves stole iPods, navigation systems, college text books and money. The thieves also stole Babidi's hand gun.

"These people know what they were doing. They do this for a living maybe," said Babidi.

According to police reports, several of the victims found their fuse boxes tampered with. They also found their hoods left open, which is leading police to think the thieves were able to disable all the car alarms.

Police reports also indicated that some of the cars hit were left unlocked, making it easy for the thieves to get inside.

"We'll definitely look our doors, windows and leave lights on at night," said Babidi.