Pot-Shaped Candy Draws Concerns

Parents Say Pot-Leaf Candy Promotes Illegal Drug Use

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A candy that looks like a marijuana leaf and could entice children is drawing concern from parents, including some outside a Regency novelty store where it's sold.

The candy called Potheads and Ring Pots are in stores across the U.S. In Jacksonville, it can be found at under the cash register at Spencer's at the mall.

Some parents say the sour-apple candy is prompting illegal drug use.

"Well, I think it's absurd. I would never let my children buy this candy," said Yolanda Cooper, a concerned mother.

The candy comes in a green package with labels that read "Legalize" and "Hey man pass the bag!" and with a cartoon character apparently smoking a joint. Inside is pot-shaped candy, gummies and ring pots.

The candy is flying off the shelves, and that has parents sour.

"It doesn't set a good example for our children to have something that looks like, you know, drugs," said Debra Godwin, a concerned mom.

The candy has been on the market for six to nine months. It's in 1,000 stores across the country and retails for a couple bucks a bag.

The candy in the marijuana leaves-shaped bags contains nothing illegal, but critics say it's an invitation for kids to try the real thing.

"Parents need to stick together and stop the kids from buying this," Cooper said.

Company President Andrew Kalan released this statement:

"We developed the marijuana-shaped candy as a response to the growing movement among adults in the U.S. towards legalization. As a company, we do not take political sides; our goal is merely to capitalize on what we see in the marketplace."

Still, parents want the candy promoting legalized pot off the shelves immediately.

"I think they should just stop making it, stop distributing it, stop selling it," Godwin said.

"I think it needs to be banned," Cooper added. "I don't think this is a good idea."