Don't break your budget on Black Friday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Once the turkey may not be gone, but it will soon be time to devour all those Black Friday deals.  With a little planning, you can get more bang for your buck at your favorite stores. You can check out all kinds of Black Friday deals at blackfriday2011.com.

Once you figure out what stores you want to hit, here are ways to cash in without breaking the bank.

First, set a budget. Bring an old check register or download a free  app that will let you budge on the go. This will help you track what you've spent and what you have left. Also, make a wish list.  Stores can offer deep discounts on certain items just to get you in the door and then tempt you with more expensive things.  Statistics show those who shop with a list and stick to it save 30 percent more.

Third is do research. Know the difference between deals and duds. Sites like bizrate.com , shopping.com and pricegrabber.com, give you a sense of how much items should cost so you're not fooled.

Finally, price match. Some stores will match competitor prices, as long as you have the ads handy. You'll not only save money,  but the time of going from store to store.