LCPD closes Cedar Park investigation

No officers should face discipline, says Orlando Police Department


LAKE CITY, Fla. – The Lake City Police Department closed an investigation on Friday into whether officers used excessive force while arresting suspects at an apartment complex.

The investigation stemmed from a series of incidents at the Cedar Park Apartments on Sept. 8.

Police reports indicated Lake City officers responded for three separate incidents: a fight/riot, a fight between 15 - 20 people, including one who had a firearm, and an officer's call for assistance.

After the three incidents, 10 people were arrested on 27 charges.

  • Assault on law enforcement officer (2)
  • Battery on law enforcement officer (3)
  • Resisting an officer with violence (3)
  • Resisting an officer without violence (7)
  • Incite/encourage riot (4)
  • Disorderly conduct (8)

Complaints said the officers used excessive force while conducting the arrests. About 50 complaints were issued to the city council during a meeting following the incidents.

The letters, along with videos shot from the police cruisers and ones shot by residents at the apartments, were submitted to the Orlando Police Department for an independent investigation.

Of the 50 complaints, only two people agreed to a sworn interview with OPD. One of those people refused to cooperate the day of the interview, according to Lake City police, providing only one sworn interview for OPD's investigation.

OPD also interviewed the 16 officers involved in the arrests at Cedar Park Apartments that day.

According to Lake City police, those officers either used physical force or tasers to make their arrests.

The OPD investigation deemed those officers should be cleared of any alleged violations, saying their use of force fell within LCPD guidelines.

OPD also said any officers accused of driving at a high rate of speed to the apartments should be cleared of the alleged violations.