Who's hiring in Jacksonville?

National unemployment rate improves


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Joshua Vasquez said he has been looking for a job for at least three years.

But when Vasquez heard the national unemployment rate is improving while at WorkSource, he said, "It makes me happy. I'm proud of it."

Things are also looking up in the River City, according to Jerry Maillot, the Executive Vice President of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.

"Our unemployment rate has dropped from over 11 percent down to 9.2 percent in one year. And in that same year, our total employment has gone up by 10,000 people," said Maillot.

Maillot said several businesses are helping improve the city's unemployment rate, including:

"We're seeing more activity in the finance and insurance arena. Also, in the overall healthcare arena," said Maillot.

Maillot added that despite things not being where they should be, job prospects are improving.

Channel 4 also checked with Mayor Alvin Brown's office. Since taking over in July, bringing more jobs to Jacksonville has been a major part of his platform.

According to the mayor's office, since he took over, 1,850 jobs have been created.

He's made seven major announcement about new jobs and expansions.

Officials said there are more than 50 prospective new companies and expansions in the works.