Fire sprinklers soak Duval County School Board building

Tuesday evening's board meeting moved to Shultz Center


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A malfunction of the fire alarm system at the Duval County School Board building Tuesday forced the building to be evacuated and triggered the fire sprinklers to come on, flooding the first floor.

"Right now we don't honestly know if there was an actual fire in the building," spokeswoman Jill Johnson said as she was among dozens of employees in the parking lot. "We're waiting on (Jacksonville) Fire-Rescue to tell us what happened and if there was any damage."

It turns out there was no fire, but all six floors were evacuated and the sprinkler system was triggered. Electricity to part of the building was turned off for safety reasons.

The sprinklers dropped enough water that firefighters used a hose to pump out the first floor. Water damage to some computers was reported.

Tuesday night's board meeting was moved out of the first-floor auditorium to the Shultz Center.