First of it's kind weight loss treatment offered in Jax

New spa in town offering two new weight loss treatments


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There's a new spa in town offering two weight loss treatments that have never been available in Jacksonville before.

The "Steamy Wonder" steam canopy is part of the brand new "Salt Spa" in Jacksonville Beach. The steam canopy is said to burn as many as 600 calories in one 25 minute session.

Special oils are applied to clients who are on a massage table, then the canopy is lowered and filled with steam. The weight loss plan is three treatments a week for three to four weeks.

Salt Spa employees are not the only ones raving about the benefits. Dr. Oz featured this system on his show a few months ago. Dr. Deepak Chopra was his guest and the wellness expert claims it does more than just peel off the pounds.

Channel 4 spoke with some women who said they lost the weight pretty quickly and they've been able to keep it off so far.

Lisa Harper, satisfied with her results from the "Steamy Wonder", said, "Yeah, how much money I've spent in weight loss over the years I would never say on tv."

Pushing 50, Harper decided to try one more time and turned to a strict weight loss plan.

"I started working out and worked out 3 months with a personal trainer. I stayed on a 1,200 calorie diet and wasn't dropping a pound. So I got real frustrated," Harper said.

She was about to accept herself as she was, when she heard about a new way to lose weight. Steam detox treatments is what she decided to give a try.

After her first couple of times in the steam canopy Lisa lost six and a half pounds, so she decided to stick with them and she loved what happened next.

"I've continued to lose and now I'm down almost 22 pounds," Harper said.

And Harper is not the only one. Margaret Miele also dropped some stubborn weight.

"I lost ten pounds in three weeks. It felt fantastic. It was very relaxing and I didn't have to work out which was great. I noticed immediately the benefits, especially my energy level," Miele said.

The way the treatment works is clients are on a massage table. Special oils and muds are applied during a massage, then the canopy lowers. The client is zipped in, the heat gets turned up and then the client really starts sweating.

Jacqueline Rush, owner of Salt Spa in Jacksonville Beach said, "The steam is over your body. Your head is out. We do keep the core of your body cool. The therapist is with you at all times massaging your face and keeping your face and your neck cool so you can endure the steam.

You actually can burn up to 600 calories in a 20 minute session."

But weight loss isn't the only thing the steam canopy is used for. In fact Dr. Deepak Chopra believes detoxing with this system can reduce your risk of some cancers.

"If we do a four times a year seasonal steam, we would see a reduction in breast cancer," health expert Dr. Deepak Chopra told Dr. Oz.

Unfortunately the steam canopy weight loss treatments are not cheap. For a four week program, a total of 12 treatments, it's $1,800.

The detox system is just 3 treatments and that runs around $500.

The Salt Spa is located on Third Street near the Jacksonville Pier.

To find out more about the steam canopy treatments, go to the Jacksonville Salt Spa's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/jaxsaltspa or call them at (904) 853-6670.