Police: Woman awakes to cooking burglar

Man caused kitchen to fill with smoke, police say

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of David Kurlin
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of David Kurlin

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – A woman awoke early Monday morning to a burglary suspect cooking in her kitchen, according to Neptune Beach police.

David Kurlin, 41, started cooking frozen food on the stove, and the woman was awakened by the smell of smoke and thought her house was on fire.

She walked to the kitchen and saw Kurlin standing there, police said. The woman said her entire kitchen was engulfed in smoke, and she saw the suspect was cooking on her stove top. Police said Kurlin did not remove the food from the packaging and put the plastic trays directly on the stove, causing them to burn and the kitchen to fill with smoke.

AUDIO:  Neptune Beach 911 call in cooking burglary | IMAGES:  Suspect leaves mess

The woman told police she began to scream as she ran back into her bedroom and locked the door, according to a police report.

Police arrived and arrested Kurlin, who told officers he was at a party with five or six other people at the home, and when everyone left, he started cooking, according to the report.

Kurlin told police he scared the woman and then decided to leave, according to the report. Police said he had the woman's purse on his shoulder as he was leaving the home but said, "I don't know why."

Kurlin told police he had consumed "a couple Crown and Cokes" earlier in the night, but police said he didn't appear to be intoxicated. They said he didn't make sense when talking to officers.

Police found the apartment's doggie door broken, which may have been how Kurlin gained access to the home, according to the report.