Speeders frustrate business owner

Man places cones along road to deter speeders

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.An Arlington business owner who said drivers are constantly speeding in front of his shop is frustrated and has even broken the law in an effort to make things right.

Ken Foldy, who opened a motorcycle shop on Commerce Road in October, said the the traffic in front of the business has been a problem.

"My wife was almost t-boned in this intersection and I had two customers almost clipped coming out of the driveway," said Foldy. "The problem is they just don't see us."

Foldy then placed cones along the road, even putting them in the road in an effort to deter speeders.

"I've had the police called on me several times because speeders are complaining about the cones being in the road," said Foldy.

Foldy pointed out that there are few stop signs in the area and a sign displaying the speed limit of 30 miles per hour is two blocks away.

Channel 4 used a radar gun near the business to gauge Foldy's problem. Many drivers were recorded in the upper 30s and mid 40s.

Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson said despite a lack of stop signs or lights, there's no reason to be speeding.

"They should know this is a residential area with business. And this is a populated area. They should use due care anyway," said Jefferson.

If you have complaints about speeders or dangerous driving in your neighborhood, call the City of Jacksonville at 904-630-2489.