Affordable health insurance for children available

Health fair this weekend gives parents a great opportunity to keep kids healthy

(Ferre' Dollar/CNN)

There's no doubt finances are tight for many families. Many people are having trouble paying their bills, and that means sometimes they skimp on important things like their children's insurance.

Thanks to a program called Florida KidCare, they don't have to. It's a government-subsidized insurance for Florida children, and this weekend, parents can enroll your kids.

It's for lower-income families. So if a family of 4 makes $46,000 a year or less, they're eligible.

Depending on how much the family makes, they may pay up to $20 a month, but many get this service completely free.

"I'm a single mother that can't afford good health care," said Paula Foss.

Foss has 3 kids at ages 10 months, seven years and 12 years old, and it can be hard to make ends meet.

But she knows not to skimp when it comes to their health. Last year, she enrolled all three in Florida KidCare.

"If you need to see a doctor, you have someone that's there for your kids."

So many other parents may be interested in getting this for their kids, and this weekend, they're in luck.

"We have 25 to 30 thousand kids still uninsured here in Duval County, and that's too many," Jack Johnson with Healthy Start's KidCare said. "There's no excuse for parents not to enroll their kids in this program."

There's a health fair Saturday at the Orange Park Town Hall Park on Kingsley Avenue and U-S 17.

Those from Healthy Start's KidCare will be trying to sign up as many kids as possible. Johnson said for parents to relax, it's easy.

"If they have children that are uninsured they can stop by the Florida KidCare area and enroll their kids in the program," johnson said. "It only takes 10 to 15 minutes. They don't need your social security card documents or birth certificates."

Single mom Foss said she's glad she signed her kids up and there's no excuse for other parents who don't.

"It's very important. Especially nowadays. Parents can't afford good health care."

The enrollment event runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Orange Park Town Hall Park on Park Avenue.

Remember, parents can go paper less and do not need to bring any documents.