Police arrest road rage killing suspect

Brad Lippincott arrested; Kahron Warnke killed

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Brad Andrew Lippincott

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police arrested a man in connection with a fatal road rage incident.

Brad Andrew Lippincott, 26, of Gainesville, was arrested Saturday.

Police said the Lippincott had some encounter with another driver at the intersection of Jammes and 103rd Street, then gunfire was exchanged in the parking lot of a Bono's Bar-B-Que, and the victim's car drove a block before crashing into a vacant rental house on Friday afternoon.

Kahron Warnke, 33, of Jacksonville, was killed.

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Police said Lippincott stopped and called 911 and said he had been involved in a shooting.

Lippincott was charged with manslaughter and discharging a firearm in public from a vehicle within 1,000 feet of any person.