Large container stolen from baseball park

Thief sought by police

A beat-up, beige version of this container was stolen from Windy Hill Athletic Association.
A beat-up, beige version of this container was stolen from Windy Hill Athletic Association.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police say someone stole a large storage container filled with lawnmowers, tractors, baseball equipment and a public address system from the Windy Hill Athletic Association on Skycrest Drive on the Southside sometime over the weekend.

"I can't believe in this little neighborhood, in that big of a container, because it stood at least probably a foot above this fence, if not higher," neighbor Kevin Farlee said.

Farlee said he was shocked Monday when he walked by the baseball park and saw that huge container gone.

"It was one of those big crates that you see being shipped on the big liners that you see coming on the docks downtown," he said.

Those at the athletic association, which caters to kids who play Little League, say it was stolen. That includes the thousands of dollars worth of stuff inside.

To them, it's just plain frustrating.

"That equipment was vital in order to make sure that that stuff is safe and the fields are safe for the kids to play on, and right now they aren't going to be, you know, unless we do it by hand," baseball coach Palmer Knight said.

The container used to sit in front of the ballpark. The outline of where it used to be can still be seen in the sand.

Police said they talked to a witness who said they saw somebody come up in a big yellow truck and scoop the container up and go down the road with it.

Knight said the athletic association is a nonprofit, and everyone's there to help the kids. He said this is putting the association a couple steps back.

"Anytime you're doing it for this and you're doing this for kids and you're doing it for them to stay out of trouble and spend good quality time and learn life's lessons in life through baseball, you know, when somebody comes and steals your stuff it's a tough time, a tough time," Knight said.

If you have any information about where the container is or who may have taken it, call Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.