Scammers Target Diabetes Patients

Ask for information over the phone

There's a new scam to watch out for if you're a diabetes patient.

Scammers are calling patients, offering to send free diabetes supplies, but government officials say it's just a fraud.

They pose as Medicare employees, even as members of diabetes groups to try to get your information.

Their goal is to get your Medicare and Social Security numbers, as well as other financial information.

Sometimes the scammers send diabetes supplies, but the AARP reports that more often, they're using your information to get medical care for someone else in your name.

Here's how to avoid getting ripped off: If you get a suspicious call, call Medicare yourself to see if it's legitimate.

And if you think you get a call from a scammer, call the government fraud hotline at 1-800-HHS-TIPS.

You can also file a report online at www.OIG.HHS.gov/fraud/hotline.

Health and Human Services officials say the scam is about more than just stealing money. There's a big black market for cheap medical supplies.