Community raises $2,300 for wounded detective

The Clay County community is giving back to Detective Matt Hanlin.
The Clay County community is giving back to Detective Matt Hanlin.

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – A local business did its part to support a wounded detective on Monday night.

Skate Station in Orange Park held a fundraiser to benefit Clay County Sheriff's Office Detective Matt Hanlin.

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On February 16, Hanlin was shot during a raid on a suspected meth lab in Middleburg. His partner, Detective David White, was shot as well, and died.

"Obviously you're going to think about things a little differently and do things a little bit differently every time you have a similar situation you're going to think about what happened that night, " said Hanlin.

Hanlin suffered serious gunshot injuries which makes it hard for him to work. He said he couldn't be more grateful for the community help.

"I lose a lot of money with my overtime and stuff, you know, we depend on it and I'm obviously thankful for Skate Station doing this for us, " said Hanlin.

Skate Station has employed off-duty sheriff's deputies for 20 years. Kevin Schad is the general manager and said he has a close connection with the force and wanted to do something to help.

"These guys do so much for us and when this happened it touched me, " said Shad.

Many of the people who showed up to support the detective met him for the first time Monday night, but they said it didn't matter because they can appreciate everything he's done.

Hanlin, says he's just as thankful for them.

"I'm not a hero, my team is the hero, the people that saved my life that night, they're the heroes, " said Hanlin.

About 250 people attended the benefit, which raised about $2,300.