Answers wanted in Waycross police shooting

26-year-old was not man being sought in murder investigation


WAYCROSS, Ga. – Family and friends held a march for the man shot by police who were looking for a murder suspect in Waycross, Georgia.

Investigators said Andrew Poole, 26, was not the man being sought in a murder investigation last Thursday when he was shot at the Garlington Heights Apartments.

Sunday afternoon, a group marched through the apartments, making their demands loud and clear.

"This officer should be in jail. There is no such thing as a mistake when you shoot somebody," said Bobby Worth with the Justice League United. "When you remove your service weapon, take the safety off, and fire it, yeah, you should be held accountable."

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has only released a preliminary report so far. According to investigators, Waycross police were allowed to enter an apartment and were told no one was upstairs.

When one of the officers, whose name has not yet been released, went upstairs, he found Poole. GBI said the officer felt threatened and then shot Poole.

Family members said Poole wasn't armed and was lying on his bed.

"We put our trust into law enforcement so our children don't have to go through this," said Shelando King, a relative of Poole.

Poole is still recovering in the hospital, according to his family.