Alligator worries St. Augustine families

Homeowners association president says alligator isn't aggressive


ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – An alligator in the lake of a St. Augustine neighborhood has families on edge.

Parents living in the Vista Cove neighborhood are nervous about their children being around the reptile.

"I wouldn't live here just because of that, especially with kids. They could just crawl up," said Tara Poveda.

"Children walk by this area daily and we are afraid someone is going to be hurt because it has been very aggressive. Children have been taunting the gator," wrote a woman in an email to Channel 4.

But Stephen Wood, the homeowners association president, told a different story.

"The gator's not bothering anybody. The wildlife association says if it's not aggressive, leave him alone, and I'd prefer everyone to leave him alone," said Wood.

Wood said he didn't believe the alligator was a safety issue.

For the time being, Wood said the homeowners association has decided to leave the gator alone "as long as he's not aggressive."

"If he becomes aggressive, he has to be killed," said Wood.