Woman victim of gift card scam

Woman gave caller her bank info, after being told she'd won $100 gift card


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dorene Halloway kept getting phone calls from strange numbers she didn't recognize and eventually she answered one of the calls.

When she did, the man on the other end of the told her she had won a gift card worth $100.

"I let him explain to me what was going on, what the name of the company was and he said 'Smart Shopper,'" Halloway said.

Halloway was suspicious about the phone call, but she said she let them man continue talking. He told her that in order to get the $100 card she would have to pay just $2.95 with her bank card.

"You have to give me your card number, and verify address, I said 'Well I am kind of skeptical,'" said Halloway.

Eventually Halloway did give the man on the phone her card number and she said as soon as she hung up the phone, she knew she was a victim of a scam.

"Something said, check your bank statement," said Halloway. "They got me, in the midst of trying to get the phone number for the bank, they got $128 and change from me."

Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson said crooks like this usually set up in temporary offices and call random numbers they are able to gain access to.