Man wants cinder block thrower found

Former police officer uninjured


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville police are trying to figure out who threw a brick from a moving school bus that hit a man's car.

"It's not a joke, not something to play around with," said Andrew Straitt, the driver whose car was hit. "Somebody can get seriously injured. Might even be fatal to them."

Straitt was driving westbound on Beaver Street on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the police report, when Strait was in the 15500 block of Beaver Street, someone launched a cinder block from a bus that was driving by. Straitt said he saw the bus and an arm hanging out of the window, then he said someone launched a cinder block from the bus and that block hit his car.

"It happened so quick, by the time I saw something was hanging out the bus to the time it hit me was instantaneous," said Straitt. "And the window just exploded inside my car."

Straitt was going 55 miles per hour and the school bus was traveling at about the same speed.

Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson said there's not much people can do to protect himself.

"It's a very dangerous situation not only to the driver that is being hit but also to other drivers on the road. If there were pedestrians or kids who were crossing the way, the car goes out of control, you possibly could have had some serious injuries of the children as well," said Jefferson.

"I really want to find out who the person is and see them prosecuted because the outcome really could have been worse," said Straitt. "I got out lucky, but whoever's doing it keeps doing it, somebody is going to get hurt far worse than I am."