Man cave parties takeover the home front

Organizer calls men-only get togethers 'Mary Kay on steroids'


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Have you ever wanted to get the boys to come to your Mary Kay party? Or to have them gush over the latest Pampered Chef products?

Well, keep dreaming. But you might be able to get them to a man cave party.

"It's Mary Kay on steroids," said John Robertson, the first man in Jacksonville to host ManCave parties.

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Like he said, they're similar to Mary Kay, but instead of lipstick, they sell giant spatulas, and instead of concealer, they sell bratwurst.

"It's the home party geared toward men," Robertson said. "What I do is bring over $200 worth of meat products, case of beer."

Robertson set up a booth at this weekend's Jacksonville Boat Show where he will be showing off giant spatulas made of thick steel that can grill up anything from giant steaks to burgers to pizzas.

He has been in the Man Cave organization for a few months and so far has hosted two parties.

"You cook up some good meat, cook up some good beer and make 25 percent commission on everything you sell," he said.

However selling the idea has been easier, ironically, with the people not allowed in the man cave -- women.

"A lot of women are already familiar with Tupperware, so not familiar with concept so they're okay, so they think it's a good time. For [men] it's the first one."