Storms take down trees, smash cars


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Heavy winds and lots of rain caused several large trees in Jacksonville to uproot and cause damage to homes and cars.

On St. Johns Avenue in Avondale, firefighters had to cut a woman out of a car after a large water oak tree fell on her. Neighbors said she was okay, but went to the hospital as a precaution.

Neighbor Terry Dennis said he didn't hear the trees fall because he said the storm itself was just too loud. He said he knew something happened when the power went out.

"We were looking at it on our phones and could see the cells coming in," Dennis said. "It was pretty major, trees were leaned over. Being in the historic district we have a lot of old oak trees that have been here a while so we see this from time to time."

One of the trees that fell was ripped completely from the ground, which is what happens when the ground gets too moist to support them.