Courthouse move continues

Move began Friday night


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The move from the old Duval County courthouse to the new one continued into Saturday.

Crews started moving Friday night.

About 400 truckloads of furniture and boxes full of files must be moved.

"There will be a lot done this weekend. There are a lot of people putting in a lot of effort," said Jack Matthews with the City of Jacksonville.

Matthews, who works in the city's communication department, is helping install more than 500 telephones in the new courthouse.

He gave a sneak peak of what can be expected inside the building.

"It's really, really, really big and it's really, really beautiful," he said. "The center of it's all open all the way to the roof, escalators going up, lots of big lights, so it's really pretty."

During the move, emergency hearings will be held across the street from the old courthouse at the Annex building.

For people who need certain paperwork completed, like a marriage license, they can go to the satellite office in Neptune Beach.

Traffic tickets will be dealt with at the traffic court office on Beach Boulevard.