Annex, beach office used for court filings

Move continues from old to new courthouse


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The new Duval County Courthouse may look ready for business, but it's not.

Violet Hall found out the hard way Monday. She has some important papers that need to be filed in court and she is running out of time.

"Don't know, don't know, don't know, because if I can't retrieve the documents, this is not going to help me any. This is not good," she said.

Hall and others are finding out they have to do there work at the Courthouse Annex or at a satellite office in Neptune Beach.

At the annex, several judges are standing by to deal with emergency filings.

"I'm trying to get a client out of jail, so I need a judge's signature to have him released on the conditions that have been negotiated with the state," attorney Matt Kachergus said.

For the next nine days, this is where and how court work will be done.

"So far so good," court operations spokesman Steve Johnroe said. "It's not the smoothest in the world because we don't have enough computers. We got people to do the work, but we are sharing computers. So a lot of what normally would be filed can't be filed."

Meanwhile, the move continues and officials say it's going smoothly. Some floors have been cleared, but now the real work is at the new site, getting it set up and making sure the computers and everything work.

The new courthouse will open May 29, but officials will wait a week before holding trials.

In the meantime, court officials recommend that those who have court cases or proceedings they need to deal with or things that need to be filed should wait until the new courthouse opens.

If not, those people will have to take care of their court procedures at the satellite office at Neptune Beach.