Corey, Brown relive heated exchange

Public figures confronted each other after Marissa Alexander sentencing


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – State Attorney Angela Corey is prosecuting one of the most sensational and sensitive cases in the country -- the George Zimmerman case.

But on Sunday, Corey appeared on Channel 4's This Week In Jacksonville defending her actions on another case -- that of Marissa Alexander.

Just 10 days ago, Corey and Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., got into a heated exchange before television cameras after Alexander, a mother of three, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing what she said was a warning gunshot in her home to scare away her abusive husband.

"All this community is asking for is justice and mercy," Brown told Corey outside the courtroom after Alexander was sentenced under Florida's "10-20-Life" law.

"Congresswoman, I tried to show her mercy," Corey said of when she offered Alexander a three-year plea deal. Alexander didn't accept it and chose to go to trial instead. She was found guilty.

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Exchange of Angela Corey, Rep. Brown

"Three years is not mercy. Twenty years is not justice," Brown said.

On "This Week In Jacksonville," Corey said what Brown said to her in the courthouse was inappropriate. She also said that contrary to what Brown claims, Alexander's race had nothing to do with why she got such a harsh sentence.


"My victims, a black man and his two black sons -- if she wants to make a race issue out of it, which we do not -- our victims are our victims," Corey said. "They happen to be black, they also happen to be her constituents. So why would she side with one constituent over the other without knowing everything about the case?"

Corey said that when Brown confronted her after the sentencing, she was surprised, especially because she was only acting under the letter of the law.

"It was absolutely inappropriate for an elected official to confront another elected official without knowing her facts, without seeking prior meeting," Corey said. "It had to have been she wanted a grandstand for the cameras. That's the only explanation for her behavior."

On Monday morning, Brown sponsored a local job fair, where she reacted to Corey's statements.

"We need to understand: I was not talking to her. She came up to me. You need to know that," Brown said.

Brown also said there were special circumstances in Alexander's case, and that the judge should have allowed her to use the "stand your ground" defense.

"This woman when she was six-months pregnant was beat and put in the hospital," Brown said. "She had a baby premature. When this incident occurred, when the baby was 6 days old, she fired a warning shot. I was talking to national people and they said the man must be dead or something. I said no, no one got hurt. No one can believe it."