Term limits twist: Fuller can go on ballot

City would have to file lawsuit against it


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – According to a ruling from the Duval County Elections Board, Clerk of Courts Jim Fuller's name can go on the ballot despite a recent Florida Supreme Court ruling on term limits, and it would be up to the city to challenge his running in court.

It was revealed Monday that term limits for local elected officials are now back in place. They were approved by voters and Jacksonville's City Council in 1992, but the state Supreme Court said some were unconstitutional.

Now the court is second-guessing that stance and says they are legal.

It will have an effect in the upcoming election. Fuller was set to run for re-election, but the city's lead attorney said he would not be allowed to qualify for the slot.

It became apparent Tuesday that Fuller's name can go on the ballot and that the city would have to file a lawsuit against it.

There was no word yet if that was going to happen.