More thieves targeting gyms

Thieves watch for patrons to leave valuables in car

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Thieves are repeatedly staking out gyms and fitness centers to steal valuables left inside cars.

"You give a thief an opportunity to make you a victim, they're going to do it," said Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson.

Jefferson said it's common for thieves to look for easier targets -- people who let their guard down and leave their valuables in a vulnerable place.

But that doesn't mean everyone does it.

"I take very little inside gym of value. Take keys, then I lock my car up, and secure things in the car," said Jackie Wilson.

"Honestly, I should approach it differently. I'm not really concerned about it," said Jordan Begeman.

Gym employees said people regularly don't take the right precautions, adding that lockers are available inside the gym.

A manager at a Bailey's Powerhouse said they have three different places where patrons can lock up their belongings.

Jefferson advises people to not leave their purse in the trunk.

"Even if it's in the trunk, that's a false sense of security. There are those thieves who actually sit and watch you actually get out of your car, see what you take, what you don't take, and they're willing to make you a victim before you're done," he added.