Beating back pain

4 things you could be doing that leads to problems


It's one of the most common medical problems there is.  In fact 26 million people suffer from frequent back pain. We have ways to avoid the aches.

If you're lighting up, listen up! Those cigarettes are bad for your back! A study finds smokers have more back pain problems compared to non-smokers. So kicking the habit could help relieve your pain.

Being overweight hasn't been proven to be a primary cause of back pain, but where you carry it can make a big difference. A lot of abdominal fat can change your center of gravity and become an extra strain on your back. Exercising and keeping a healthy weight can help prevent that.

Backpacks can also equal back pain. If you carry one make sure to use both straps instead of slinging it over one shoulder. Lighten your load when possible and try to use different pockets to distribute the weight evenly.

And keep this in mind, vacuuming can be a major cause of back problems. Maintain good posture by standing up straight and using your legs rather than your back to move the vacuum. Do it in five to ten minute intervals to help avoid the pain.