Cars burglarized at Leigh Meadows Apartments

Car burglaries put neighbors on alert


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – At least seven cars were burglarized in a quiet corner of Leigh Meadows Apartment complex on Sunbeam Road, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

Hope Timbie calls the complex home but said there is no reason why a rash of car burglaries happened in her neighborhood, especially since her sister's car was burglarized.

"It doesn't make me feel very safe," said Timbie. "Honestly I am not very comfortable living here."

Timbie told Channel 4 her sister's stereo and backpack was stolen Tuesday along with six of their neighbors' belongings. The victims admit that they left their doors unlocked, which allowed crooks to rummage through their cars. Channel 4's Crime Analyst, Ken Jefferson said the victims in this crime all made the same mistake.

"People sometimes get in a hurry and they don't lock their car," Jefferson said. "Particularly at home they are comfortable, they're focused on something else and they'll leave their car doors unlocked making them an easy target."

Jefferson said a complex like Leigh Meadows is easy picking for the thieves; crooks can go from car to car and cover a lot of ground before getting caught. Timbie said the break-ins are making her want to look for a new place to live.

"I just got a job here and I'm all excited and now I'm not because somebody could take that right out of my pocket," said Timbie.