Police use website to fight identity theft, other crimes

Idthisperson.com asks for public to help solve crimes


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Summer Miller said she's never been a victim of a crime until now.

"I went to use it and realized it was gone. I checked my balance and realized it was negative fifty dollars," Miller said Thursday.

Miller said her debit card was stolen from her wallet a few days ago.

"It all happened around the time my car insurance was due and I have to pay the light bill. I need gas, so it's inconvenient," Miller said.

It turns out the criminals used her card at Walmart, where they can easily be seen on surveillance cameras.

Police use those images to track down the suspects and they're using another tool to help them fight crime.

It's called idthisperson.com where agencies post pictures of criminals in action hoping the public recognizes them and can help put them behind bars.

"If someone sees someone they know they could help us solve anything from a homicide, the serial killer case to a simple bank fraud," said Daytona Beach Police Detective John Creamer.

The site helps track down criminals and police hope it will help them solve more crimes.

Idthisperson.com is being used in 19 states in the country.

If you recognize someone off the site you will receive a $25 gift certificate.