EverBank Field to allow patrons to bring in outside food


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – From tailgating to a to go box, it's a seamless transition that doesn't have to stop because you're going into the game. This season, you will be allowed to bring some food into the EverBank Field for Jags games.

"My food's probably better than theirs. My barbecue is," Jags fan James Stokes said.

But it's not your palette Team Teal is courting, its ticket sales. And for both Stokes and Christian Tullis, the tactic seems to be working.

"I'm coming to more games [this season]," Tullis said after hearing the news. "A lot more games."

The Jags say the vendors are all on board and they don't think concession sales will take much of a hit. They are just making move that these fans say is a sign of the times. Many said being able to bring their own food, rather than spend money on pricey concessions, will allow more people to enjoy the game.

Here's what you need to know if you plan to pack a lunch for the season's lineup:
-Food has to be unwrapped and placed in a clear zip top, gallon-sized, plastic bag
-You can NOT bring in and drinks or other liquids
-It all gets inspected at the gates.