Baby found in 'filthy' conditions, possibly caged

Mother arrested, animal cruelty charges filed


CLEVELAND, Texas – Liberty County deputies responding to an animal cruelty call at a home in Cleveland found a 16-month-old girl living in "filthy" conditions and possibly in an animal cage.

Investigators were sent to the rural house in the 100 block of County Road 2802 Tuesday at 7 p.m.

"We located a 1-year-old child inside a poor-conditioned residence. That child has been checked by EMS and taken by Child Protective Services. The only adult here has been arrested," said Capt. Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

Evans said there were small roaches crawling around the baby.

"We have some indication that the child was being kept in some type of cage in the property. The investigation is preliminary. We will be here all night and well into (Wednesday)," said Evans.

One horse was found dead on the property.

"Deputies did arrive and found several emaciated horses, dogs, cats and even a deceased horse, and we are yet to determine how many other deceased animals are on the property. It does appear there are some," Evans said.

Mable Larsen and Aaron Parker
Mable Larsen and Aaron Parker

Deputies said the baby's mother, Mable Larson, was taken into custody and charged with animal cruelty. More charges could be filed later.

"The only charge is in regard to the animals. Further investigation will continue. Further charges may be forthcoming," Evans said.

Deputies said they are looking for the girl's father, Aaron Parker, to question him.

Investigators had to wear masks and a special breathing apparatus because of the strong stench in the home, officials said.

Child Protective Services will attend a hearing to determine if the baby should be placed with another relative.