Jacksonville legal aid facing cuts

Non-profit may have to cut 17 lawyers


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville Area Legal Aid may have to cut 17 attorneys from its budget, which could impact the city.

Since 1937, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) attorney's have been specializing in providing legal assistance to low-income families and people. Now the non-profit cooperation is seeking help.

The law firm of 40 attorneys says they are looking seeking an executive director to lead the organization. JALA says the executive director should have a mission to provide quality legal assistance to low-income and special needs groups. Cesaltina Sila was provided legal assistance by JALA two years ago.  

"Without their help, there's no justice," said Sila. "They are here to help out Jacksonville. Without legal aid some people would be lost, families would be on the street and there would be no justice."

Without JALA people  wouldn't have legal aid for divorces, injunctions and custody battles.