'Project Girl' fights sex trafficking

All-girl group spreading social awareness through art


Sex trafficking: It's not just a foreign problem. The Departments of Justice estimates that more than 250,000 kids across the U.S are at risk of being sex trafficked each year.

That's just one of the tough issues some brave teens are bringing light to.  Here's more on the all-girl group, Project Girl.

They fight for equality, take on controversy, and even bare their souls.

The performance group, project girl, takes what it sees on the streets and brings it center stage.

It's the brainchild of playwrights Jessica Greer Morris and Ashley Marinaccio.

"We just find that it has a domino effect on girls in a positive way when you give them a safe space to have a voice," said Greer Morris, the Executive Director of Project Girl.

Each week the 8- to 21-year-olds work with mentors and peers to turn their issues into art.

"They struggle with bullying body image sexuality," said Marinaccio, the artistic director of Project Girl.

From poverty to pimps, they tackle issues they see overseas and in their own backyards.

According to a report from the Women's Funding Network, in New York, there are more girls sex trafficked in one month than the number of women who died of breast cancer in a year.  In Michigan, girls are more likely to be trafficked than killed in a car crash. And in Minnesota, there are more commercially sexually exploited girls in one month than there are girls who die by suicide, homicide and accidents combined in one year.

"I feel like I have a responsibility because I have my voice and we learn so much about girls suffering," said Dominique Fishback, a member of Project Girl.

Fishback is also using her voice to create change in her school.  She performed a piece on the lack of serious roles for black actresses, for the heads of her college theater department.

"The next semester we wind up doing a play and it was about the apartheid in South Africa," Fishback said.

Proving there's no power, like girl power.

"I'm not famous, nobody knows who I am, I don't have an agent but I'm actually having all my dreams come true," Fishback said.

There are currently 100 project girl members. They've not only performed at the White House, but toured with the UN.  Greer Morris, recently joined the ranks of Oprah and Hilary Clinton, by being named one of Newsweek's 150 fearless women. To find out more about their work go to www.projectgirlperformancecollective.org.