Guns, pills collected in Flagler County buyback program

71 guns, 20 pounds in prescription pills turned in


FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – Seventy-one guns and 20 pounds in unwanted prescription pills were collected by the Flagler County Sheriff's Office Saturday.

This was the first time a gun buyback has been offered locally and Sheriff Donald W. Fleming said he was pleased with the community's response. Residents were able to turn in up to three operational firearms in return for gifts cards for each one.

"We received some good feedback from those who came here today. Our residents appreciated the opportunity to get rid of these firearms in a safe and controlled environment," Fleming said. "This is something we will look at repeating in the future."

All the firearms were checked and none had been reported stolen.

Capt. Lynne Catoggio organized the buyback using a $7,000 grant awarded by the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

"We really worked to combine two events that would benefit a wide range of residents. I believe we have accomplished our objective, with the support of the County Commission, which was to get unwanted guns and prescription drugs out of homes and off the street," she said.