Hundreds of rescued cats adopted in Jacksonville

Cats rescued from Caboodle Ranch

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Hundreds of people brought home new feline members of their families after about 700 cats were recently rescued from Caboodle Ranch.

An undercover investigation found the cats were being mistreated at the ranch west of Lake City. A video showed the cats living in filthy, crowded conditions. It took months of round the clock care, but the cats were nursed back to health and ready for adoption through the ASPCA Saturday.

Shirley Oppelt adopted a cat Saturday that her granddaughter named "Whiskers."

"This one has the little white chin, has the white feet, so it just said, 'pick me,'" she said.

Shirley Wilson said she couldn't choose between the two cats she fell in love with, so she took both of them home.

"I love them. I had a cat before and my grandson took him back to college, so I have me two of them to raise up again," Wilson said.

The ASPCA had people fill out a survey before they even saw the cats in order to match them with the feline that was right for them. While some cats are great for first time owners, others haven't been socialized, or have special medical needs. The ASPCA has worked for months to rehabilitate the cats both physically and mentally and say there's a cat for everyone.

"They deserve a second chance as well, so we're hoping that people will come in and have the right type of environment or property that can just allow them to be a wonderful cat," ASPCA Field Investigator Tim Rickey said.

ASPCA said 102 cats were adopted over the weekend.