Obama bus tour stops in Jacksonville

Bus tour stopping in same states as Romney-Ryan


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – President Barack Obama's reelection campaign rolled in to Jacksonville.

The bus arrived downtown Sunday morning and parked itself on East Adams Street.

Ian Chase, the owner of Chomp Chomp restaurant, was asked by the campaign if they could stage an event outside his restaurant.

"I just feel the current administration has my back a little bit more in regards to small business and tax issues and things like that, and the welfare of my employees," said Chase.

Dozens of the President's supporters waved freshly printed campaign signs, blasting Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's newly announced running mate, and his economic proposals. They said four years of Romney-Ryan would hurt the middle class.

"He completely failed as Governor of Massachusetts," said Mass. State Rep. David Linsky about Romney.

Linsky is traveling state to state on the bus. He believes the Romney-Ryan ticket would only benefit the rich.

"They have economic and tax policies that are completely geared to millionaires and billionaires, and take the middle class and completely throw them under the bus," said Linsky.

Democratic State Sen. Audrey Gibson said that despite recent talk being about Ryan, voters need to pay attention to Romney and his policies.

"Talking is one thing, but doing is something else. We have to remember that Ryan would be the VP, not the president and the president makes the decisions. We've already seen what Romney will do," said Gibson.

The bus tour is stopping in the same states as Romney and Ryan. The GOP ticket campaigns in Florida on Monday. The bus has already made stops in Virginia and North Carolina. After Jacksonville, it will head to Orlando on Sunday afternoon, and Miami on Monday.