Free rides to polls offered for those without transportation


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When it comes it making your voice heard, you may take for granted how you get to your precinct.

Some people without transportation have to worry about how to get out and cast their vote. But there is a way to get to the polls that's free.

Vans, trucks, cars and multiple organizations come together on Election Day to give people a ride to the polls who don't have transportation.

The group of people driving voters around is made up of all volunteers.

"We've had some 22 churches give up their vans and buses and drivers to come in," said Pastor Lee Harris, head of Free Rides to the Polls.

This isn't the first time Free Rides to the Polls has given a hand to people in need of a way to get to their precinct. It's the third presidential election volunteers have offered rides, and the service started the first day of early voting.

"It's about making sure that everybody exercises their right to vote and have an opportunity to vote, and that transportation will not be a handicap," Harris said.

So what's the catch? There isn't one. The group is nonpartisan.

"Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Libertarian -- whoever it is, they want to get to the polls, we will carry them," Harris said.

One volunteer even took off work to help people in need of a ride.

"I've been answering phones nonstop, lots of people with health issues, people that just don't have transportation, and they need rides, so we are filling that need," volunteer Christina Conner said.

Harris said this won't be the last election the service will be offered.

"We believe that groups come together, people come together, we can move mountains," he said.

If you need a free ride to the polls, call 904-765-0100.