'In-person absentee' voting continues today

Supervisor of Elections Office busy on eve of Election Day


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Election officials are accepting new absentee ballots, opening others and fielding Election Day questions on the day before America heads to the polls.

In the final 24 hours, the staff at the Duval County Supervisor of Elections Office has shifted into overdrive, calibrating equipment, preparing precincts and making sure everyone who cast a ballot early has their vote counted.

"It's a busy day, and we'll continue that way until probably 2 tomorrow morning," Supervisor Jerry Holland said.

As soon as doors opened at the Monroe Street office at 7:30 a.m. Monday, one person after another made their way in to cast an absentee ballot in person.

By midafternoon, more than 3,500 more absentee votes were recorded than when Duval County's election office closed Saturday night -- about 44 percent of registered voters.

It's a last-minute form of early voting that appealed to a number of self-proclaimed "procrastinators" who wanted to avoid long wait times on Tuesday.

"I wanted to make sure that I came and avoided the crowds," absentee voter Rose Armstrong said. "I wanted to make sure my vote counted and to make sure that I was here without the hustle and the bustle."

"I've been hearing about the long lines, and I'm trying to avoid it all costs," absentee voter Jodie Jones said.

For those voters who prefer to cast their ballot the old fashion way on Election Day, there are three things to remember: Bring a photo ID, know the correct polling location, and make sure to fill out a sample ballot ahead of time.

Florida voter's guide | County-by-county elections offices

With four pages and 3,000 words on the ballot, having selections already made will help make the voting experience much faster and smoother.

But before panicking about navigating through a packed precinct, officials have this advice.

"The slow times will be late morning, early afternoon, and then you'll see some very long lines from about 4 o'clock on as people get off from work," Holland said.