Camden County seeing record number of voters

31 percent cast ballots early


CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – Voters in Georgia came out in record numbers to cast their ballots in this election.

In Camden County, 31 percent of registered voters cast their ballots early or absentee, and that number rose to 63 percent Tuesday.

"It's just a record number of people who have voted," said Camden County Election Superintendent Martin Gillette. "Like I said, I think 51 percent is the highest I've had. I've normally run anywhere from 20 to 25 percent in normal elections."

At the Woodbine City Hall precinct, voters streamed in an out Tuesday afternoon, a far cry from the lines poll workers say wrapped around the building early Tuesday morning.

"I thought it would be a long line, but it was a breeze, this time of day anyway," voter Randall Lewis said.

The same held true at a precinct in Kingsland, to the surprise of many voters.

"Definitely thought they were really long, so when I walked in I was very shocked," voter Dawn Dupuy said.

Voters in Camden County say electronic voting machines made the process simple.

"You go in, everything's on the screen, it's all touch screen, it's very easy, it goes right through, it gives you a chance to review everything before you cast your ballot," voter Jonette Smith said.

Gillette said his office got a small number of complaints and a few people asking for their correct precinct.

He said his office would start counting ballots as soon as the polls closed.

The Camden County Supervisor of Elections Office has set up a large screen in the courthouse where results will be displayed for all to see as they come in.