Driver in crash into home suffered medical condition

No one hurt; family looking for missing dog

Investigators said the cause of the crash is not yet known.
Investigators said the cause of the crash is not yet known.

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. – The driver of a car the drove into a Clay County home Wednesday afternoon suffered a medical emergency, causing her to accelerate and lose control of the car.

Amanda Jammes, 29, was driving with her two children, ages 3 and 6, in the car when she crashed through a fence and went through a yard before striking the home.

No one was hurt, but Jammes was hospitalized for precautionary reasons after deputies said she was in and out of consciousness.

"Somebody just ran into someone's house, all the way in, and I hear kids," a neighbor told a 911 dispatcher after running to help.

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The upset children can be heard in the background of the call, though they were unharmed.

"The driver's passed out, the driver's passed out," the caller said as the children were crying.

Investigators believe Jammes sped up to about 50 mph before veering off the road after she suffered a medical condition.

Jammes lives just around the corner from the home she hit. Her husband said she's doing OK but is still in the hospital, where doctors are trying to figure out what kind of condition caused her to lose control.

Homeowner Elaine Davis went home after her husband called her at work to say a car had just driven into their home.

"She clipped the fence here, then she clipped this part of the house where our dog was at, and my husband, had he been there five minutes later, he would have been hit by that car," Davis said. "Well, she clipped here, went through the porch and the living room."

Davis and her husband now are without power, and rebuilding will take four to five weeks. They do have insurance.

The Davises say what was damaged is just material things, and they'll be able to fix their house eventually. What they are really worried about right now though is their dog, Dolly, which ran off after the commotion and hasn't come back.

They've left her doggy bed, water bowl and food dish, hoping either she'll find her way back home or someone would bring her back.

Family, friends and neighbors have been driving around posting signs for the black and white Boston Terrier.

"The neighborhood, the neighbors, the community has been wonderful," Davis said. "We really want our puppy girl home. Here name is Dolly. She responds to Dolly."

Anyone who knows where Dolly is is asked to call the Clay County Sheriff's Office at 904-264-6512 or email Channel 4's Vic Micolucci at vic@wjxt.com.