Local Colleges Review Security Procedures

Review comes atfer school shooting in Connecticut

Jacksonville, Fla. –  Security for mass shootings is something that a lot of colleges have already had in place since the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.
Jacksonville University held a mock mass disaster drill within the last year involving the SWAT team from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.
     A JU official thinks the shooting in Connecticut may cause this to happen in elementary schools and high schools as well.

"The changes have happened on every college campus are very noticeable.  We can text, leave emails, voice mails within minutes," said Derek Hall with Jacksonville University.

Hospitals also have mass shooting plans in Place. Shands tells news4jax that the main trauma center in Jacksonville works with other hospitals in the area. The cases that are not as severe go to other hospitals. Shands will try to free up as many beds as they can. They would also put a halt on all elective surgeries.